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Ancient methods of space travel, independent of mechanical conveyances, which can still be used today.

Mass media makes a fuss over contemporary, mechanical attempts at space travel, but according to accounts found in India's Vedic literature, space travel is far from a new invention; it has always been possible. If we are to believe such evidence, yogis and higher beings have the capacity to travel freely throughout the cosmos via subtle technologies that are practically unknown to us.

Easy Journey To Other Planets explains how, using subtle, spiritual energy, anyone can travel to other planets and see the wonders of material creation. Also, those who wish to may travel beyond the material creation to the spiritual world, the ultimate destination, from which one never has to return to the limited world of matter.

Srila Prabhupada originally wrote Easy Journey to Other Planets in the 1960’s in India before he came to the United States. He wrote this book in the early days of the “space race”. In Easy Journey to Other Planets Srila Prabhupada boldly declares that the attempts of modern science to reach the moon by space craft and sputniks would fail and it is amazing that now, more than 50 years later, it still appears that NASA’s supposed moon missions were faked and in these more than 50 years that have past not a single man has even left orbit, no man has traveled above the surface of the earth more than a couple of hundred miles. And we are expected to believe that in the 1960’s NASA made almost a dozen successful return trips to the moon, each round trip requiring more than half a million miles of travel in space. And today when the technology has progressed a hundred times over what was available in the 60’s men can not travel more than two hundred miles in space.

Srila Prabhupada wrote Easy Journey to Other Planets—with its frequent mention of "antimatter" and "antimaterial particles"—as a short treatise in response to the mid-20th century "space race" era, when nations such as the US and USSR were obsessed with exploration of the moon, etc. by means of rocket-powered spacecraft. In the book, the author questions the ultimate significance of such endeavors, while pointing out that the exploration of material space is neither a new idea nor the most intelligent one, from the spiritual point of view.

One can attempt to go to any planet he desires, but this is only possible by psychological changes in the mind of by yogic powers. Mind is the nucleus of the material body. Anyone who trains the mind to turn from matter to the spiritual form of the Godhead by performance of bhakti-yoga can easily attain the kingdom of God in antimaterial sky. Of this there is no doubt.

This book, "Easy Journey to Other Planets" describes a simple method of travelling to other planets that does not require any space craft or rocket.

People will be surprised that travel to other planets is described in the ancient Vedic texts of India.

Encompassing the systems of sankhya, astanga and bhakti, this absorbing publication treats the science of yoga, particularly in its application to out-of-body travel.

In Easy Journey to Other Planets, after dismissing the foolish attempts of NASA and the scientists and clearly establishing that it is not possible to travel to other planets in this way, Srila Prabhupada goes on to explain the practical, time proven and tested method for interplanetary travel.

If you read this book you will learn the secret of how to travel to other planets very easily and inexpensively.

Contents : Preface, Antimaterial Worlds, Varieties of Planetary Systems, Glossary, Index.


Original 1972 Edition, Reprint 2015, Krishna Books Inc. (KBI)  
Author: His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada 
Format: Soft Cover, 4" x 7"
Pages: 86 with 8 Color Plates, Glossary and Index 
ISBN:   0-912776-10-2 0912776102 9780912776101 978-0-91-277610-1
LCCN: 70-118080 70118080
Weight: 150 grams  

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